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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Emmanuel Adebayor is going to Stay at London

Many Arsenal fans were not happy with the way Emmanuel Adebayor treated the club before the start of this season. It seemed that Emmanuel Adebayor wanted to leave the club and go to either AC Milan or Barcelona. Even there was a lot of discussion about the price of Adebayor. Now, it seems that he will be going to stay in the club for a long term. It is now confirmed.

Well, I think that there is a lesson to be learnt by other players at Arsenal. The fans did not like the whole saga and showed their disapproval with this Togo national player. Arsene Wenger has come in support of him and asked the fans to calm down and support Adebayor. In fact, he can be a great asset for the club. Last season, he showed that he really can score and he was the second highest goal scorer in EPL. This time, he should try to be even one step better and become the top scorer.

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