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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mikael Silvestre in Arsenal: How is That?

The transfer of Mikael Silvestre has created history as he has become the first player in 3 decades to join Arsenal directly from Manchester United. He was in Man Utd for almost 9 seasons and he had a good beginning but for the last 2/3 seasons, he is almost always in the bench. He has appeared for the club for more than 300 times and Mikael Silvestre is defender from France and he is passed his prime.

So, my first reaction was that there is nothing to be excited about Mikael Silvestre. However, on second thought, I became excited about him for two reasons. This Arsenal side has everything except experience. Silvestre has nearly a decade of experience in EPL and that can be a bonus for Arsenal. On the other hand, he was not too happy at Man Utd. He may feel the urge to show Man Utd boss that he is still a great defender.

What do you think about this matter?

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