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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Arsenal vs West Bromwich Albion Live Updates

Arsenal (1)---- West Bromwich Albion (0)

The match has finished and Arsenal has won by 1-0

90 minutes: Final score is Arsenal 1 and West Bromwich Albion

85 minutes: Arsenal missed a good chance

80 minutes: Arsenal had a corner

75 minutes: Arsenal attacked. 

69 minutes: Ven Persie has come to the field now. Change of player for Arsenal

65 minutes: :Lovely attack for Arsenal. Arsenal is now trying for a second goal

60 minutes: Ven Parsie is warming up now

54 minutes: Arsenal attacked but off side

50 minutes: NO change in score line. Arsenal is still leading

Come back wthin 1 few miuntes for secnd half action. 

45 minutes: first half finsihed. Arsenal is leading by 1-0

40 minutes: Just 5 minutes left of first half

35 minutes: Lovely atttack from Arsenal. 

33 minutes: Arsenal on attack

30 minutes: West Bromwich Albion got corner

26 minutes: Arsenal attacked again

22 minutes: Rare attack from West Bromwich Albion

20 minutes: ARsenal on attack again. Arsenal leading by 1-0

12 minutes: bad luck for Arsenal. gallas shot was just wide

8 minutes: Arsenal on attack again

5 minutes: Arsenal has scored a goal and taken lead. Can you guess who scored it? It is new signing Nasri. Superb goal.

3 minutes: First corner of the match for Arsenal. And again corner

1 minute: The match has started and first attack from Arsenal.

The match will start any moment. Be with us for live updates.

The match will start at 12:45 BST and we will provide live updates of the match. So, be with us. It is an Arsenal blog. So, if you are a supporter of the club, please subscribe to the feed.

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