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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Arsene Wenger: ‘We are not close to signing anybody’

Arsene Wenger has indicated that any more signing in Summer transfer window is not confirmed yet. Following the 1-0 loss at Fulham in recent league match, Wenger is facing criticism and has been pressurized to sign a centre midfielder by the transfer window closes. However, Mr. Wenger could not indicate any confirmation of buying a new player soon. Rather, he admitted that Arsenal was not close to any more signing at this moment.

Arsenal lost midfielders like Mathieu Flamini, Gilberto Silva and Alexander Hleb in Summer, while landed some potential young players like Samir Nasri, Aaron Ramsey and Amaury Bischoff. Samir Nasri proved his skill in the opening match against West Brom scoring the wining goal, but was not impressive in their 1-0 loss at Fulham in the second match. Specially, Arsenal midfield appeared dismal in the second match.

Well, I think, the current Arsenal squad has the ability to retain premier league and give an effective try at Champions League as well. Remember, Cesc Fabregas sat out in both the matches with injury. He is expected to be back with tomorrow’s Champions league third round qualifying match against FA Twente. Moreover, Arsenal is also missing Tomas Rosicky at this moment. So, I think, once all the players will be back in action, Arsenal should not have any problem in the midfield.

However, you know that injury is part of professional football and no team can deny that. Who knows that Arsenal would not lose any more players due to injury by the time the currently injured players will be back from injury. In top level of football, every point lost or every point achieved is counted and at the end of the each of those points matter. Here, I want to make myself clear saying that Arsenal really has a balanced squad and I would not be surprised even if they win double this season, considering the youthful squad with full of talent and guidance of someone like Arsene Wenger. However, one more midfielder, I think, would provide Wenger more options in the midfield and attack, besides strengthening their reserve bench.

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