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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mikael Silvestre: Joining Arsenal is an Honor and a Surprise

Arsenal’s new signing Mikael Silvestre has said that he is very happy to have signed for Arsenal. The French defender sees the move as an honor as well as a big surprise. Mikael Silvestre has become the first player to have made a deal between Arsenal and Manchester United in the last 20 years. Vivian Anderson was the last player who made a move between Arsenal and Manchester United in 1987. Silvestre joined Arsenal from Manchester United on an undisclosed fee under a two-year contract. He has admitted that he could not say no when Arsenal proposed him.

Silvestre spent nine years at Old Trafford and he has admitted that he will miss Old Trafford and thanked former boss Sir Alex Ferguson for not standing in his way to join Arsenal. In the last season, Silvestre spent most of the time in the bench. Hope for more first team football played a big role behind this move because he did not want to spend any more time in the bench.

Now, Mikael Silvestre sees it as a challenge to perform regularly for Arsenal. The 31-year-old midfielder is now looking to have a good start with the Gunners. Silvertre now wants to serve the Gunners as much as he can. Let us see if he can add something what Arsenal lacked to clinch English premier league for the last couple of seasons. Well, time will answer it.

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