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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Arsenal Signed French Defender Mikael Silvestre on Two-Year Deal

Signing an aged player for Arsenal came as a surprise for the Arsenal fans. Manager Arsene Wenger is always well-known for signing young, potential players, but this time he has signed former Manchester United defender Mikael Silvestre. The 31-year-old French international joined Gunners on a two-year contract. Wenger earlier indicated that he would sign one or two more players in the Summer transfer window, but no body could even think of someone of Silvestre’s age.

Wenger believes that Silvestre will bring something what would make Arsenal a complete team in every aspect. Arsenal thinks the experience and maturity of Mikael Silvestre will be invaluable for Arsenal in the premier league race. Admitting that Arsenal squad lacks a bit of experience, Wenger sees Silvestre an experienced player who would help Arsenal out in this regard.

Another advantage that Arsene Wenger might enjoy thanks to Silvestre is that the French international is capable of playing both in the left back position as well as in the midfield. With Arsenal already losing a few key players in the midfield, Silvestre would definitely become a very good option for Arsenal midfield.

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