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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas Looks to Improve his Defensive Role in the Midfield

Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas said that the reaction he had showed after being substituted during Spain’s 1-0 victory over Bosnia-Herzegovina in world cup qualifying was nothing but his passion and commitment as a sportsman. He responded angrily when he was taken off in the second hand half after scoring the winning goal for European champion Spain. It is true that Fabregas is believed to be one of the young prospects of Spain national team and thought to be one of the shining futures of Spanish side, but he rarely plays full time. Out of 33 appearances, Cesc Fabregas played 90 minutes in only five matches for Spain and in most of the time he is taken off when his team is leading in the match. That is what prompted Fabregas to think he has weakness defensively.

The young star of Arsenal wants to become a complete midfielder- meaning equally strong in attack as well as in defense and his desire is to make himself capable of playing whole 90 minutes for Spain. He also confirmed that he did not have lack of respect for anybody. The immediate outburst he showed after being substituted by Xabi Alonso was his guile and eager to give 100 percent for his country.

I welcome the passion and commitment that Cesc Fabregas has in him because that is what makes the difference between a great and an ordinary player. However, I think, Fabregas should not be frustrated because he is getting better day by day.

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