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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Andorra vs England World Cup 2010 Qualifying: Live Score

Andorra (0)--- England (2)

90 minutes: England has won the match by 2-0

85 minutes: Frank Lampard is substitued.

75 minutes: Will we see any more goals from Joe COle?

65 minutes: ENgland is leading 2-0. By the way, It is Joe Cole who scored both the goals

63 minutes: ENgland is still leading by 2-0

55 minutes: ENgalnd has scored the second goal. England now leading by 2-0

50 minutes: England has scored a goal and leading by 1-0. Joe Cole is the scorer.

45 minutes: Half Time now and score is 0-0

40 minutes: NO goal yet. Just 5 minutes left before first half

33 minutes: I dont know what is happening to England players. They are competing against each other about miss chances.

28 minutes: England is very well but no goal yet

20 minutes: Frustrating for ENgland fans. Frank Lampard hit a good shot but wide

15 minutes: Lovely attack from England but Wayne Rooney could not score

12 minutes: Still goalless.

5 minutes: Still no goal. Good attack from ENgland

0 minutes: The match has just started.

We will give you give score of the match Andorra vs England World Cup 2010 Qualifying as soon as it starts. Don’t forget to subscribe to the feed of the blog.

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