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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Williams Gallas: Arsenal Needs to Be Like Chelsea

The title of this entry might have surprised you. Well, this is true that Arsenal captain Williams Gallas thinks that Arsenal requires the same winning mentality that he observed during his six-year spell at Chelsea before joining the North London club. Gallas also feels that people singled him out unnecessarily for the failure of Arsenal to win any silverware last season. reported:

"Before Arsenal, I spent six years at Chelsea. That team was capable of getting ugly wins. If we had an opportunity to win a cup, we would never miss it."
"I became imbued with the winning culture, which doesn't exist yet at Arsenal.
"Our game made people dream, but we had empty hands. We have to show a more clinical state of mind," the Arsenal skipper declared.

"I can say we have not seen the Gallas from 2006 this term so far," he added, reflecting on his recent form. "In a few matches, I have not been so good."

William Gallas, however, admits that he has not been consistent so far this season, but he is trying his best to get back his best. Anyway, I personally do not agree with Gallas on the fact that Arsenal needs to be like Chelsea. I believe, Arsenal has its own style of football that they traditionally follow, but people should not blame Gallas for Arsenal’s failure to win any title last season. People should support him.

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