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Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Found Consistency for the Gunners?

In the end, the supporters and felt relieved and satisfied. They perhaps could feel some sense of consistency in the arsenal club at last in the season. It was an away match and many supporters were perhaps worried if arsenal players in show inconsistency. Well, there is perhaps a sense of relief to see that the players did not let down the club. It’s not that Arsense brutally dominated the match but they were surely the better side of the two.

By the way, the final score was 2-0 and the upon and was West Ham. What I liked about two days matches that the gunners a game played as a team. There is nothing much about any individual player to write about But as a unit, they worked very well. I feel that this other thing that All the supporters are now praying for. They do not need any individual player to score 25 plus goals and then the others just wait and see. Instead, They want to see all the players in action and present exciting movement that will bring trophies as well as entertain the spectators.

I really wish to believe that arsenal players have found some kind of consistency and they can maintain this consistency for the rest of the season. I’m happy to see that they’re doing very well in Europe as well as England. In Europe, they’re playing as if they’re invincible in home and away. I wonder what is the problem to do same level of performance in England. I have one theory about it. Right now, England is the capital of European football and most of the giant games are situated in England. So, it has become perhaps harder to perform in England compared to Europe.

Surely, coach Arsene Wenger is very happy today. He has suffered a lot of criticism in the last few months for the poor performance of his players. There has been repeated calls to By some big celebrity players spending millions of dollars. He has resisted all the temptation to do so and he feels that his young players Will become a great asset for the future. He also thinks that economic recession might affect English premier league and spending too much money and this moment is perhaps not the right move. I agree with him With all my heart and I really wish to see that he can become successful with his strategy. He’s the right coach for arsenal and I feel that he’s the best coach in one football today. No other coach can even dream of having the same level of success With so little money. 

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