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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Will it be The Night of Arsene Wenger?

As a supporter of the Gunners I am excited, hopeful and at the same time worried for the match against Manchester United tonight. It is the second leg of Champions Trophy and winning this match can mark the start of a new Arsenal in England and in Europe. It seems that the economic worry for the club is over and next season, there will be some healthy amount of cash for the transfer market in the hand of Arsene Wenger.

If the Gunners win today then more than everyone, it will be the night of Wenger. It does not matter who score how many goals tonight for the Gunners but the person to get most of the credit will be Wenger. Those who are quick to criticize him for his transfer policy always forget that we are in the midst of economic recession. His prudent policy has saved the club financially and his young players are now becoming matured. They just need a couple of quality players like Arshevin and Fabregas.

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