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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It was Andrei Arshavin vs Liverpool Match Last night

What a match last night between Liverpool and Arsenal! It was surely one of the most exciting matches featuring these two clubs in recent history. I gave live updates of this match in my blog and many people enjoyed it. For arsenal supporters, this is the match in which see perhaps saw the emergence of a very big star Andrei Arshavin. Yes, he last night scored four goals and showed that he can be the next big a star for the club and he should be because the club paid a lot of money to get him and Andrei Arshavin is a very big name in his home country Russian football.

Telegraph gave an excellent description:

Andrei Arshavin scored four goals after auditioning for the role of Invisible Man. Maybe Liverpool just didn't see him. The hosts pounded the Arsenal goal all night yet needed a late punt to nick a point.

Beware Arsenal in the springtime. Not much. Events of 20 years ago have dominated the Anfield landscape of late. Michael Thomas's late winner for Arsenal with seconds remaining of the 1988-89 season closed a bleak chapter in the history of Liverpool.

What attracted me most was that he scored almost all of his four goals in style and he looked very confident.

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