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Friday, November 28, 2008

Should Arsenal go for a Trophy Winning Squad Now?

This is the question that is now in the mind of many people? Many fans of the club feel that it is the time that arsenal should go for a trophy winning squad? It meant that they should have more a celebrity and high profile and expensive players at the cost of the current young players that the club has. And for the last three season, arsenal has not own anything and many people are getting impatient and are claiming the current management and the current coach. It is true and you cannot deny but at the same time you have to think of some other matters too.

Arsenal did not win anything but they own a very important thing- they did not suffer financially despite the fact that they built one of the top three largest stadiums in England in the last few years. Remaining profitable is also a very important thing that most people don’t want to understand. At the end of the day, it is money that matters. If you want to buy top quality players then you have to spend a fortune and you even for that, you need a lot of money. Without money, you cannot build greatest idioms, you cannot buy top quality players, and you cannot win any championship. This is a reality that no club in modern days can avoid or even think that miracles do happen. Who was Chelsea a decade ago? What is the difference that has happened to these clubs only within five years? It has become one of the top clubs in England and also in Europe simply because it got a lot of money.

So, my advice for the skeptics and also for those arsenal fans who do not like their coach is to find a way to get the money. Please, if you can then show me the money.

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